Even Angels Fall

22 December 1988
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kiucci. Female. Italian. 21. Graphic lover. University in Pisa. Romantic. Funny. Touchy. Honest. Sociable. Twilighters. I love my Family.
I ♥
Chatting. Shopping. Manga. Anime. Books. Movies. TV series. Sleeping. Icons. Archery. Pizza. Italy. Paris. ORLANDO BLOOM.
Pirates of the Caribbean. Harry Potter. MoulinRouge!. Romeo+Juliet. Stardust. The Gladiator. Matrix. Tristan and Isolde. Lord of the Rings. King Arthur. Troy. Elizabethtown.

Twilight. New Moon. Eclipse. The Mortal Instruments. Pride and Prejudice. The Picture of Dorian Gray. Alice in the Wonderland. Lord of the Rings. Harry Potter. The Da Vinci Code. American Gods. Stardust. Dracula. Eragon. Fahrenheit 451. Asylum. Petit Prince. The Time Traveler's Wife.

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