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Twilight Battle

Here I am tonight to show you this great battle on Freefans between me and a wonderful artist, ery_90 , but it's great above all for the subject, Twilight. This is a passion that we have in common and that make us friends, so it was a big pleasure to do this battle with her, not only because she's a great artist, but also because she's a fantastic girl! Thank you so much Marghe!!! *kiss

so there are 10 (beautiful) rounds/wall (1024x768) about Twilight


round#1 Ery

round#2 Kia

Round#1 Kellmett by Ery

Round#2 Edward&Bella by Kia

Round#3 Alice&Jasper by Ery

Round#4 Eternity by Kia

Round#5 Volterra by Ery

Round#6 Genesis by Kia

Round#7 Bella Swan by Ery

Round#8 Edward&Bella Blue by Kia

Round#9 Leah Clearwater by Ery

Round#10 Fire&Ice by Kia

- If you want the rounds 6 - 8 - 10 without "versus text", just tell me!

- I have to thank bambinainnero for the textures of round 4 and the moon in the round 6

Tags: !battle, !wallpapers, twilight, twilight: bella swan, twilight: cullen, twilight: edward cullen
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